The Produse app was designed to help users track their water consumption while purchasing supermarket goods. Through scanning barcodes of goods a user is buying the app will track water consumption on a shopping list and monthly scale, and suggest more eco-friendly alternative products.



The logo for Produse comes from the water molecule H₂O. The mechanic of two atoms orbiting a central object is carried through the app.

Login, home screen and shopping list view


Users can either get stuck in to Produse right away, or create an account and keep track of shopping lists, monthly usage and more.

Scanning a product and viewing information

Scan and Shop

Users can scan supermarket item barcodes to get information on products, including most importantly the water usage of the selected item’s production, plus some information about the manufacturer. Alongside this, there are alternate products shown which are more water efficient.

User history view

Keep Track

Users can keep a track of their ongoing water use and compare to previous weeks and months. Plus, there's a breakdown of usage in the form of historical shopping lists, and a nice little difference in use after buying more eco-friendly products!

A video run-through of the Produse app and how it works.
Produse styleguide


Following the logo, I made an early presentation of Produse's visual style, including colour, typography, and icons.

Process Work

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Initial Branding

Produse's logo was initially different and went through various iterations, although still based on the same idea.


After the branding set-up, I completed some wireframes for an early presentation, to show the flow and functionality.